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Happiness Lies Right Before Our Eyes (or Tea Cups) - 3/22/18

For the last several months, I’ve been reading a book that offers daily meditations. Things like being aware of blessings and the wonderful little moments that we often miss in our hurried, hectic, always-thinking-about-what’s-next, kind of living.

Sometimes it feels like life is a train ride through a beautiful mountain range filled with fields of flowers and placid lakes. But, instead of looking out the window, we’ve got our faces buried in a book.

Today, I encourage you to close the book and look out the window. Perhaps put away the cell phone with the constant texts and really look at the people sitting across from you, sharing a cup of tea. Listen to the beautiful music and look around at your surroundings.

The train moves at a rapid pace and the tickets is “one way.” 

Savor all those lovely moments before they pass by and you’ll soon find contentment, peace and inner joy growing within. 

Something we can all use a cup of.

Donna's Dose of Hospitality - 1/11/18

I’m sitting here looking at the beautiful Christmas tree I must soon dismantle and beyond that through the window, another frigid winter day. The guests have come and gone, the presents have been opened and the cakes and cookies have been eaten. Darkness comes early and the weatherman forecasts more of this cold for weeks to come.

Sound bleak? I guess it could be that. But I am learning that the moments of life are what we choose to make them, and how we choose to see them.

So, in this new year we have been given, I am going to try to look at everything through eyes of gratitude. Instead of looking around and seeing all the work I must do to “clean up Christmas” I’m going to look at every ornament and think of the joys this past Christmas brought and the dear people who have given them to me. Instead of fretting about the cold and long dark nights, I’m going to take time to notice the beauty of this still white world and the wonder of the nights that look almost like days. (Have you noticed how the bright winter moon does that?)

I’m going to do what bears do and cuddle up with a soft blanket and read, or write letters, or look at home decor magazines. And I’m going to make more cookies and savor them warm while I watch a good movie or new series.

And, of course, since I have the blessing of working at the Tea House, I’m going to accompany my cookies with a nice, hot cup of tea in my favorite “cup of gratitude” mug. I especially enjoy the soothing teas this time of year.

So, as you look out into this bright white world today or venture out into it appreciate its beauty and remember we’ve only got a few more months to go before spring comes.

Happy hibernating!